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In the next seven years, Clothe New World Foundation will engage with the realization of four main projects:  I AM Education, Tree Of Synthesis, Deurbanization, and Spiral Of Unity.

I AM Education project will be activated in Year 1 (year 2012).

Tree Of Synthesis project will be activated in the end of Year 4 (year 2015).

Spiral Of Unity project will be activated in year 4 (year 2014)

Deurbanization will be activated in Year 6 (year 2016)


We would love to share with you our detailed business plan/plan of ation for the next 5 years.

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 I AM EDUCATION project:

This project offers a system of New Education for the New World. It harnesses the advancements of this age of information and, through synthesis, renders an educational system that offers SELF KNOWLEDGE, summoning students of all ages to examine the SELF ahead of any other action.

The curriculum is based on methods of extracting rather than acquiring. It invites us to extract our own light instead of constantly adopting layers upon layers of external information.
The project offers its newly designed system of education to elementary and middle schools, as well as to high schools and colleges. Any institution can include the I AM Education system in its curriculum.


This project serves as a guiding light for all seekers who do not know where to begin the search. Today the Internet allows us to swim in an ocean on information, yet we are drowning in ignorance. People are confused what information to search for, what books to read, which sources are legitimate, which aren’t… they are confused what to believe in. The honest and earnest seeker of today in his pursuit of truth gets confused and entangled in the vast net of information, not knowing which path to follow, what steps to take. Thus the search usually ends in… giving up.

The Tree of Synthesis project aims to create an online portal that will serve as a guiding light for all seekers, on all paths. It will offer a synthesized bank of information with a step-by-step instructional process, so the seeker would be able to realize his or her mission and start serving humanity sooner.


This project calls us to STOP LIVING IN A SQUARE. It helps us recognize the effects big city life has on us. It recognizes that STRESS lays at the roots of all problems, of all illnesses; that 99% of sicknesses start in the mind. It helps us see how society smashes, suppresses, and imposes itself on us. This project invites us to recognize living in Nature as our natural state.

It helps us remember that Nature purifies, and that communing with nature should be an essential part of our daily life, not a commodity. To create, we need to be in a state of surrender to the Earth, to be grounded, not alienated or bent on living in opposition to something or someone.

This project calls us to return to our natural state of Homeostasis. It offers a system of metaphysical gardening by sowing seeds for the future and offering sustainable solutions for a global village. The building of such a village will be in itself a prayer, a ritual devoted to Gaya. We again will be able to hear the breathing of the Earth, our Mother.


This project aims to identify the spiritual and geomantic energy centers of the world and to connect them in a common network of shared information and activity. These energy centers will work together to maintain world peace and harmony and to ensure the positive direction of human evolution. The network will be formed by summoning current, like-minded centers of light to unity and, from their unity, they will inspire and create other supporting organizations and communities. This movement will draw a New World Map based on consciousness and predisposition, not on geographic or societal indications.